Providence Medical Technology Announces the Publication of a Technique Paper

Walnut Creek, CA (December 13, 2016) Providence Medical Technology, Inc., an innovator in tissue-sparing cervical fusion technology, today announced the publication of Novel instrumentation and technique for tissue sparing posterior cervical fusion in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience by Bruce McCormack, MD and Raman Dhawan, MD.

In the paper, the authors describe a tissue-sparing technique for posterior cervical fusion (PCF) using a single-use, disposable instrument set which includes an access chisel, a decorticating trephine, a mallet, a guide tube, a decortication burr, and a bone graft tamp. The instruments and technique minimize soft tissue disruption and facilitate arthrodesis of the cervical spine.

The technique is as follows.

  • The incision is made just off mid-line and carried through the subcutaneous tissue and ligamentum nuchae.
  • Paraspinal muscles and fascia are dissected from the spinous process and displaced laterally. The access chisel is inserted through the incision into the facet at the target level and advanced until it abuts the pedicle of the rostral vertebra.
  • The decortication trephine is then advanced over the access chisel to dissect fascia and muscle attachments off the lateral lamina and lateral mass under fluoroscopic guidance. Lateral mass and lamina above and below the facet are decorticated.
  • The guide tube is then placed over the access chisel and advanced into the facet joint. The guide tube maintains facet distraction, provides visualization, and serves as a working channel.
  • The access chisel is then removed and the facet articular surfaces are decorticated with the rasp and burr.
  • Bone graft material is then inserted through the guide tube and placed into the decortication bed.

The authors state PCF is a time-tested procedure which provides good results; however, other PCF approaches previously described in the literature have also been associated with significant perioperative morbidity. The instruments and technique described in this paper allow for small incision access with direct visualization for decortication and fusion of the cervical lateral mass and facet joints, thereby minimizing soft tissue disruption and decreasing perioperative morbidity.

The publication of this paper in a peer-reviewed journal is an important milestone in our effort to raise awareness regarding our platform of innovative, single-use instruments and implants for cervical fusion,commented Jeff Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Providence Medical Technology. We are committed to filling critical gaps in the continuum of traditional cervical spine care.”


About Providence Medical Technology, Inc. 

Providence Medical Technology, Inc. is a privately-held medical device company developing innovative solutions addressing the $2 billion worldwide cervical spine market. The company is focused on commercializing the DTRAX platform of single-use, tissue-sparing instruments and CAVUX implants for cervical fusion, as well as other technologies that improve cervical spine procedures for both physicians and patients. For more information, visit


Janet Hudnall
Providence Medical Technology VP, Global Marketing

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